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To view detailed information about a specific property or parcel in the VIllage of Grafton, you must enter a Tax Key number, or Street Address in the field above, then click the "Search" button.

Your entry must be an exact match with our records, or no information will be located . For example, if our records specify   211 West Beech Street  , you will not locate the details unless you type in that address exactly. Entering   211 W Beech St   will not result in locating the information for which you are searching.

Tax key numbers must have dashes between the numbers, for example: 10-096-05-15-001

The "Reset Form" button simply clears the field above of all entries so you may start over.

If you do not locate the information you are looking for, please reference your Property Tax records. For additional assistance, please contact the Village Assessing Division at 262-375-5305, ext 1.

The Last Change date indicates a change in one or more categories except any dollar values of assessment.

Additional details and instructions are periodically added. Please click here to view additional instructions.

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